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Monserrath | Licensed Insurance Agent | Aseguranza de Auto

Monse – Licensed Insurance Agent
Direct Line:(661)270-2500
DOI CA#0M89061

Monse insurance agent – With a lot of experience in car insurance and DMV services, she can help you with a wide variety of services. From finding the car insurance option that best suits your needs and at an ideal price to solve some complicated situation in the DMV.

Monse is an insurance expert. She has a license granted by the Department of Insurance (Department of Insurance). Which means that she is the right person to help you with Car Insurance, Motorcycle insurance, home and department insurance as well as business insurance. She has knowledge of multiple insurance companies and can very effectively compare prices and different options to provide you with the ideal car insurance.

Experience in Car Insurance Savings

Her extensive knowledge in the field of insurance shows that Monse strives to help her client. She has been able to help many people because he can find car insurance for everyone. Excellence at getting the best prices on car insurance without a license. Has been able to help those who need a full cover insurance without paying more, it is important for her and of course, for us as a company to help our client as if they were someone of our family.

Commercial Insurance and Insurance for business

Commercial Insurance is another of her specialties. She has helped her clients on multiple occasions with work insurance, she has experience in commercial insurance for vehicles and even specific needs such as insurance for gardening business.

Monse Insurance Agent – also a DMV Service Specialist

Monse was a creditor of the AVRS 1% prize, which means that Monserrath is someone who does DMV service in an orderly manner and always in the correct way. Her work is impeccable and you can count on the fact that you will always be in good hands. She can help you with a variety of DMV services such as change of address, payment of plates, name change and can help with Salvage Title.

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