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Insurance in Massachusetts

Aseguranza de Auto  puts at your disposition the insurance that you, your family and businesses need under one roof. In our offices we can solve all your commercial and personal insurance needs. We have insurance in Massachusetts for cars, houses, boats, motorcycles, machinery, trucks, trailers, merchandise, shops and businesses in one place. We have the backing of more than 15 years of experience in the market. We also have the experience and knowledge of the best human team in the industry. We offer policies of the most prestigious insurers in the United States and we also cover the Mexican market. Our mission is to provide the best protection for your investments at the best price in one place.

Insurance in Massachussets | Car Insurance | Aseguranza de Auto

Car insurance in Massachussets

Insurance offers cheap car insurance with the best coverages in the state of Massachusetts. We have hundreds of plans that fit your budget. All of our plans cover the minimum amounts required by the DMV. We also have comprehensive plans that protect your vehicle against damages caused by your carelessness or by third parties without insurance. Our consultants will explain all your options and the characteristics of each plan for you to choose with full knowledge. We offer the cheapest car insurance, to allow you to insure your cars, trucks, trucks or trailers. We also have insurance for motorcycles and boats.

Insurance in Massachussets for houses, premises and offices

Insurance has a large department of real estate insurance where our experts can assist you. If you are renting a condominium, a house or a commercial premises we have rental insurance. If you own and seek to protect your investment, we have the best and most comprehensive plans to protect your investment. We insure your homes, condominiums and offices to protect your properties against accidents such as fire, flood, and natural phenomena. Do not let an accident or luck destroy the fruit of your work. We can insure your home or property at the lowest market price for your peace of mind.

Massachusetts commercial insurance, insurance for your business or trade

Obtaining a license for your business may depend on the commercial insurance that your company owns. We have the best policies to protect your business and the property where it is carried out. Our plans include protection against civil liability, property damage, legal defense, inability to pay your employees. We also cover, injuries suffered in the workplace, and even the cars or cars you use to transport your employees. Also, the materials of your business can be insured within this policy. When your business is insured you can earn more money by being able to participate in better bids or offers of services. We have the plan that your business needs, our plans are totally personalized. We always adapt to the size and requirements of your company.

Insurance in Massachussets for trailers and trucks

If you own a trailer or truck we have the widest coverage at the cheapest price. Our trucking insurance department can insure a trailer or fleet with the coverages that your business needs. Our plans for trailers, long and short haul, trucks and buses, allow you to travel the roads of the American Union. With us you will find the best protection for your trucks and the goods you transport.

Mexico Insurance

If you are traveling to Mexico by car, we offer you the most complete coverage with the most recognized insurers of the Aztec giant. We have policies for cars, trucks, trailers, our plans protect you in the Mexican Republic. Insurance is the only insurance company you will need throughout your life. We adapt to your growth and offer you the products you will need over time.