Insurance in Union City, CA

Find the best insurance in Union City, CA for your car, with us, at Aseguranza de Auto Insurance.

We are a company specialized in auto insurance, we have more than 20 offices widely distributed in California. In each of them you will find the specialized attention you require and deserve from our highly trained executives.

Our commitment lies in identifying the needs of our clients and thus offering adequate insurance to those requirements. In this way we can put at your disposal a wide range of policies and services.

In addition to this, we have developed an online service system. Which will allow you to search, find, quote, and get the insurance you require in 30 minutes or less. So, if you want to be treated online by one of our experts, or come to our branch in the city of Union City, rest assured that in any case you will be able to find that insurance that you are looking for and deserve.

Why is it important to have insurance in  Union City, CA

Get the insurance policy you require in Union City California. Well, although this city is recognized for being a beautiful and quiet city, it is important to bear in mind that accidents can occur at any time. Just a moment of distraction is enough to cause an accident.

That seemingly harmless instant may be the cause of potential torment. Let’s rescue several scenarios:

  • Daniela’s decisive moment

Daniela is a 23-year-old girl living in Union City. Uses an uninsured car to drive to work in the mornings, to school in the afternoons, and to the gym at night. Leaves work with a very tight time frame to get to school. Without being able to leave before, tries to drive as fast as you can. Along the way, her phone begins to ring, receiving message after message and then calls. Because she is driving in a hurry, her phone turns away from her. Daniela stretches a little to pick up her phone, and at that precise moment another driver tries to turn. What happens is that Daniela collides her car with another person. The result of this moment of distraction is damage to both vehicles, Daniela has hit her head on the dash of her vehicle and the other driver has injured their neck.

What do you think are the consequences that Daniela must face when she does not have insurance ?

As she lacks insurance for her car, she must pay in full the expenses generated by the accident that she caused, that is: damage to property to third parties, damages caused to her vehicle, as well as, the medical services of both, which can be extended for several weeks until both are fully recovered. In addition to this, you will have to pay a fine for not having the insurance minimum required by the state to drive your vehicle. As if this were not enough, Daniela has missed her classes and her trip to the gym.

  • The instant of Tahta

Tahta is a university professor with twenty years of experience, she also lives in Union City, California. One Thursday night, he, some friends and his colleagues decide to go out to dinner. After a delicious dinner and a very enriching talk, she is about to go home.

During the journey a big storm begins, with strong winds and hail, which makes it very difficult to see. However, she is a cautious driver, so she turns on her lights and slows down. Despite the precautions on the road, another unsuspecting driver loses control of their vehicle, skidding dangerously until they manage to hit the rear of Tahta’s car hard. Therefore, they lose control of their vehicle, bounces off a sign to finally hit a tree. So far Tahta’s car has the dent from the collision with the other car, the one from the signage (which also damages a side window) and the collision with the tree, which breaks its front window and allows the rain to achieve sneak into her vehicle. Fortunately, Tahta was wearing a seatbelt, however, she feels quite sore. The other driver was not so fortunate and when he skidded he hit his head hard.

The consequences are not so heavy when you have insurance

As you can see, the consequences of this incident is the damage to both vehicles. Damage to a signage and damage to the health of both. Despite this accident, Tahta does not feel so overwhelmed because he was not the cause of the accident, and she has full coverage insurance with Aseguranza de Auto Insurance.

When Tahta has insurance, what do you think she has to do?

She is about to call us to notify us of the accident you just suffered. What happens next is that we go to the point where they are offered the medical attention they requires and solve all the pending problems: the damage to the signage, the car, and their health so that Tahta can go home and rest.

The ideal insurance in Union City, CA for you

As you can see, we know the circumstances in which our clients are immersed. In this way we are able to create and offer the best insurances for them.

We put at your disposal a wide variety of insurance policies:

  • Cheap car insurance. Ideal for people whose vehicles are over ten years old.
  • Liability Insurance. Which has the minimum coverage required by the state.
  • Full Coverage Insurance. Perfect for those people who are concerned about securing their investment and maintaining their health.

We are sure that we have the best insurance for you. We invite you to browse our page and learn about our other policies, commercial insurance, and services.