Insurance in Florida

Aseguranza de Auto – We are the answer to all your insurance needs in Florida. In one place and at the best price. Our company offers insurance for cars, cargo vehicles, trucks, long and short haul, homes and properties. In the same way, your company and your business are also protected as we have commercial insurance. Your business can develop its commercial activity fulfilling all the requirements of the law of the State of Florida. We have hundreds of plans and coverages that adapt to your needs and budget.

Car insurance in Florida

We have plans that range from the minimum amounts required by the FSLHMV to extended policies that compensate for your lost hours. Our prices are the best in the entire state of Florida. When you contact us our advisors will work with you to get the perfect and cheapest plan. If you have a license or do not have a license, it is not an impediment, we assure you. Our expert brokers will give you all the necessary information for you to select the best plan for your needs. Getting insurance for your vehicle is our commitment and we always offer you the best price, and we also cover Mexico.

It is important that you consider that we can get commercial insurance for your business in any industry. Likewise, your vehicles, trucks or trailers can also be secured. Our advisors can always offer an option for any situation, it does not matter, we will always get insurance for your needs. For us, the most important thing is to help you achieve the American dream and grow your business.

Commercial Insurance or Insurance for Business – We have it for you

The projects that better pay frequently require that your business has commercial insurance. At Aseguranza de auto we have the best plans that cover both your employees and the properties where they work. We insure your business of construction, gardening, cleaning, moving, transport, ext. Regardless of the size of your company we have the ideal plan to allow your growth and to meet all the requirements of the laws of the state of Florida.

Registration and Insurance in Florida of Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, etc.

Our Trucking Insurance department will guide you in obtaining the perfect plan to secure your truck, tractor, bus, trailer, etc. We have the best plans for the steering wheel industry, which cover everything from your fleet to the goods you transport. The policies we sell are valid throughout the American Union and we even offer coverage for Mexico. When our advisors attend to you, you no longer have to worry, your truck will travel assured by all roads. Our consultants can answer any of your questions and help you decide the best plan for your truck at the lowest market price. If you travel between Mexico and USA we have the best plans for you, your truck and your trailer.

Insurance in Florida for Homes, Offices and Real Estate.

Owning a property is a big step in each person’s life, however, you must insure your investment. We are here to help you ensure that your effort is not lost in the face of an unexpected event or a natural disaster. We have plans that ensure the value of your investment against any natural disaster, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. In addition, to protect your investment, it is mandatory to maintain the insurance of your property while paying the mortgage. We also offer coverage against theft, unexpected damages and injuries of third parties in your property, for your total peace of mind. Our commitment is with you, and that is why we strive to achieve maximum coverage at the lowest possible price.