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Insurance in Berkeley, CA

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We are Aseguranza de Auto presenting insurance in Berkeley, we have the best and most accessible prices of insurance policies. All our services are completely adapted to your needs and circumstances. In our wide range of offers, we have insurance policies for your home, your vehicle and for your commercial establishment.

Berkeley, the city of knowledge

The dream of many parents and their families is that their children can have a quality education. The University of California at Berkeley is one of the most preeminent educational institutions in the country. Berkeley is a city located in the state of California, in the county of Alameda. It has a population of approximately 120,179 inhabitants. However, if you are determined to settle in one of the best places in California, you found paradise.

A city for knowledge imbued with a friendly student environment, Berkeley is a city in constant change. Berkeley is one of the cities with the lowest crime rate in the state of California. A good place to live and study. Culture and fresh air. Therefore, the probabilities that your most precious properties and goods will be victims of any eventuality will always be present. For this reason, it is vital for your safety that you consider having an insurance policy. We are committed to offering you the best coverage and the widest options that adapt to your needs. At Insurance in Berkeley, we want to guide you, we have in our team the best advisors in the market. We are the best option in California.

How to get Home Insurance in Berkeley?

Safeguarding your home and the goods that it has in it is a vital choice. Being safe is a decision you can make on time. As the owner of a home and the same is to rent it to take advantage of the large student population. Keeping it insured is your best alternative.

The benefits are superior to worries, fully enjoy your home, without headaches. We, Insurance in Berkeley, offer you a Home Insurance Policy. Home sweet home, fully charged sense when it is a space that is safe, in any situation. We understand that maintaining an insurance policy throughout the state of California is extremely expensive. However, as Insurance in Berkeley, we have the best prices, we think in your pocket. Our experts are fully trained to guide you and in the best case, we can adapt our policies to your needs.

Homeowners Insurance in Berkeley, CA.

You need to know that the prices of homeowners insurance in Berkeley may vary. According to the type of housing, where it is located, and the proximity of the different security and protection agencies. Our policies can cover any damage that occurs to your home and the goods that are inside it. At Insurance in Berkeley, we understand that everything in your home is sacred to you.

The state of California has a history of very remarkable natural disasters. The list is long: fires, floods, and earthquakes. Nature is implacable against everything, it is necessary that you have that very present. At Insurance in Berkeley, we have the best Natural Disaster Insurance Policy for you. We can be a respite in the face of adversity.

Why get a car insurance policy in Berkeley?

As a student city, Berkeley has a high consumption of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, automobile accidents are very frequent in this city. Specialized media indicate that a large percentage of collisions are between private vehicles. In large part, the other percentage is summarized as damage to private property. At Insurance in Berkeley we have for you: Basic coverage for cars, Civil liability, medical expenses of damages to third parties, etc. We can offer you an extension of the coverage ranges of our basic policy. High fines against uninsured drivers are very common. We know your needs, and we want to take care of your pocket. At Insurance in Berkeley, we have the best experts in California, we want to hear from you, we have effective and quite fast solutions. We provide a quality service.

In the state of California, insurance against uninsured drivers is mandatory. We suggest that you always have a policy. The streets are full of many drivers who drive without Civil Liability. In many cases, these drivers do not have the financial means to cover the damages to third parties. Aseguranza de Auto provides insurance in Berkeley, we have the best options to protect yourself from the irresponsible.

Insurance in Berkeley a safe option for your business

Berkeley is a student city, where there are numerous businesses for food, recreation, and basic services. The economy of the city revolves around the university campus

The dynamics of the city can be a reason to turn on the alarms. Also, as an owner, you should think about the future of your business. Accidents are just around the corner. An uncomfortable situation must always be avoided, for their welfare and for that of their clients. At Insurance in Berkeley, we have Commercial Property Insurance Policy, we are the best alternative in the county. We also know that the protection, security, and integrity of your business are a mandatory duty. Taking care of multiple risks is a titanic task, that’s why we walk by your side and your business. We offer the Crime Insurance Policy for you. At Aseguranza de Auto in Berkeley, keeping your business safe is our driving force. We know the terrain, we have our best experts.

You can also offer your employees the best comfort in terms of protection policies, it is our commitment. At Aseguranza de Auto in Berkeley, we have the Workers Comp Policy. We are a solid alternative, twenty years in the market consolidates us as the best.