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What permit do I need to drive from the USA to Mexico?

First, there are a multitude of people with the concern of handling a permit to go to Mexico from the USA. Given this possibility, several questions arise: what is the procedure to obtain a travel permit? What is the coverage that must be purchased to make this journey? What happens if a mishap occurs during the American car trip? The Auto Insurance team solves all of this for you. In addition, our insurance allows you to make a pleasant trip. So do it with the security offered by the most reliable and phenomenal auto insurance company in the world.

In addition, Auto Insurance is an insurance company with the best policies on the market. The end is that if you want to drive to Mexico, be nice and quiet. In addition, the insurance provides coverage against accidents, as well as support from health personnel. Also, during any mishap that occurs in the transit of the car to Mexico. This country requires that all cars circulate in their spaces legally and safely. So do this with Auto Insurance, the company that allows you to enjoy life and your car.

I don’t want to read this, give me my permit and insurance to go to Mexico now!

Remember that your permit can take up to 2 weeks. Do not leave without your permission and do the procedure with us.

Does Mexico accept any automobile insurance policy?

First, Mexico does not accept the Auto Civil Liability Policies contracted in the United States. For this reason, any individual who wants to drive to Mexico by car from the United States must take out a Mexican Civil Liability Insurance Policy. Auto Insurance processes your auto insurance under Mexican Law. Since these are the ones that allow the transfer by car from the United States to Mexico.

Insurance: leader in Permit driving to Mexico

Our company allows you to obtain the permits to travel by car throughout the territory of Mexico in an economical and reliable way. In conclusion, we offer an unforgettable experience, with the security that only Auto Insurance offers. Acquire your insurance policy to drive to Mexico from the United States, with all the legal documents. In short, to be calm with your family you always count on us.

What permits are required to drive to Mexico?

First, the Mexican government periodically applies tougher measures to people who lack auto insurance. Therefore, all those who wish to drive to Mexico must have a valid auto insurance policy.

The permit to travel to Mexico by American car can be requested at the Border Modules for Foreigners or Tourists. On the other hand, the Consulates of Mexico in the United States, only allow Mexican Residents Legally Abroad, Tourists, and Diplomats to do the procedure.

Therefore, Auto Insurance carries out all the procedures to grant your permit for the trip to Mexico. With us, you can drive to Mexico without excess paperwork. And, with the convenience of not having to carry out any accessory procedures.

On the other hand, Auto Insurance is a company with more than 15 years of experience. Also in the development of car insurance for trips to Mexico. In addition, our staff has extensive experience. Also, friendly and cordial qualification and disposition to advise you at any time. We have even more advantages, if you buy car insurance, we grant you a permit to go to Mexico by American car at no cost.

That’s why visit to clear up your doubts. Open a world of possibilities to your life, in the field of insurance.

Benefits of our insurance policy

Liability Insurance to travel to Mexico

  • Liability to Third Parties in a combined insurance.
  • Also, payment of Medical Expenses.
  • In addition to Roadside Assistance and Legal Assistance.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance to travel to Mexico

  • Liability to Third Parties in a combined limit.
  • Access to payment for Medical Expenses.
  • Roadside Assistance and Legal Assistance.
  • Collision Coverage (with deductible of 2% of the value of the car).
  • Coverage for other risks.

Clauses to obtain permission to drive to Mexico by American car

First, some provisions are shown to acquire the Permit to drive to Mexico by car :

In the first place, the National Migration Institute grants Electronic Pre-Authorization, through the Internet or in a Consular Module. The permit is intended for individuals from the United States, Canada, or permanent residents in both countries. In conclusion, for those who intend to drive to Mexico and who require to process a Permit to drive to Mexico by Automobile.

The Car Permit authorization is contemplated for the same time as the Pre-Authorization. In addition, after entering the Aztec territory, those interested must visit the immigration agents. This with the purpose of modifying the definitive immigration form to access the territory of Mexico. Therefore, in this way you can legally stay in this country.

  • The Electronic Pre-Authorization is valid for 30 days from the moment of its approval. Which allows the completion of the process of driving to Mexico. The permit counts as a temporary car importation.
  • As for this Electronic Pre-Authorization, it is valid for one purpose. That the occasional transfer of the car is processed.

Thanks to Aseguranza de Auto Insurance you have this wonderful possibility of driving to Mexico safely. Because we can process your Auto Insurance and Permit, safely, easily and reliably. Come to our advisors to be delighted and surprised. In short, Auto Insurance gives you peace of mind on your trip and stay in Mexico.

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