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What is SR-22 Insurance

It is a document required by the United States government. The SR-22 insurance, or certificate of insurance, or a statement of financial responsibility. It is a vehicle liability insurance document required by the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Required for “high risk” insurance policies.

An SR-22 certification is a form that is filed with the state, and not a type of insurance. SR-22 insurance verifies that the named person has at least the amount of auto insurance required by the state. The insurance company guarantees the state that it maintains coverage and is financially responsible for any accident. And it will inform the state if you don’t.

Consequently, the DMV may require an SR-22 from a driver to reinstate his or her driving privileges. This occurs after uninsured car accidents or traffic-related crime convictions, such as a DUI. The average term is three years for driving without insurance or driving with a suspended license. And up to five years for a DUI.

If an SR-22 expires or is canceled, the insurance company must issue an SR-26 form. In this way, this other form certifies the cancellation of the policy. Some states accept an SR-22 as an alternative to a cash or security deposit as proof of financial responsibility.

Actions that could lead to a conviction and SR-22 insurance

You may need SR-22 insurance if you have one of the following driving violations. Bear in mind that there are variations in the demands made from one state to another. But in general, these are the punishable crimes:

  • DUI or DWI.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Cause an accident.
  • Driving without insurance coverage.
  • Driving with a suspended license.

Also, you may need SR-22 insurance if you have a lot of small incidents that add up over time. Again, it is different for each state. Good drivers who do not have any traffic violations do not have to obtain an SR-22 to be legal on the road.


What is a DUI or DWI?

From the English “Driving Under the Influence” (DUI), it means “Driving Under the Influence”. Or “Driving While Impaired / Driving While Intoxicated” (DWI), which means “Driving While Intoxicated / Driving While Intoxicated”. In the United States, the specific criminal offense is generally called “Driving Under the Influence.” But in other states, they call it “Driving While Intoxicated.”

Obviously, the laws also criminalize boats and aircraft pilots. Also, vehicles can include agricultural machinery and even horse-drawn carriages. In these cases, you will also need SR-22 insurance. Other terms commonly used to describe these crimes include drinking and driving, drunk driving, driving while intoxicated, operating under the influence, or “over the prescribed limit.”

The offense may not involve the actual driving of the vehicle. Rather, it can include physical control of a car while intoxicated, even if the accused person is not driving. For example, a person found in the driver’s seat of a car while intoxicated and holding the keys. Even while parked, you can be charged with DUI, because he or she is in control of the vehicle.

There are three types of SR-22 insurance

  • Operator: Operator’s SR-22 insurance is designed for drivers who borrow or rent a car, but who do not own a car. This is sometimes used with a non-proprietary auto insurance policy
  • Owner: An owner form is for those who own and drive their own car.
  • Operator / Owner: An Operator / Owner Form is a combined form that applies to those who own their car. But they also borrow or rent one to drive occasionally.

An SR-22 raises risk and rates

If you need an SR-22, you will pay more for auto insurance than you would without a conviction. But not all companies penalize you equally, so shop around for auto insurance quotes for the best possible price, or check with non-owners auto insurance if you don’t have a car.

And you won’t pay a penalty forever, and you could be paying standard rates again in a few years.

The violation that resulted in an SR-22 insurance requirement will raise the price of your auto insurance premium. In short, it is your violation, it is not the SR-22, which will increase your rates. Your rate will increase by an average of 89% for an SR-22 with a DUI, or about $1,300 more, a year.

Aseguranza de Auto restores your license

In conclusion, we offer you SR-22 insurance for non-owners and car insurance with an SR-22 included or totally free for the purchase of a policy at

Evaluate, obtain, and print your certificate online. Our agents will examine the status of your license immediately and completely free of charge. It’s super easy and fast, without queuing or waiting hours or weeks for responses. We take care of digitally notifying the DMV.

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