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What happens if I don’t get Insurance with SR-22

If you do not have insurance with SR-22 that you were required to obtain after being caught driving while intoxicated and you are caught driving, or it expires and you are driving without it, your license may be suspended or you may be ticketed or convicted according to the seriousness of the crime. In that case, the

will ask you to present the SR-22 insurance, if you do not have it, you will probably lose your driving privileges.

Not having SR-22 insurance could make it difficult for you to reinstate your driver’s license. Also, not having SR-22 insurance can make it difficult for you to reestablish your driving privileges. On the other hand, not having insurance with SR-22 can make it difficult for you to resolve legal conflicts or infractions if you are a high-risk driver.

Therefore, an SR-22 will be your best tool in resolving conflicts with the law when it comes to being a high-risk driver.


What is being a high-risk driver?

A high-risk driver is one who demonstrates a level of driving well below perfect and even correct driving. These are the most likely to get tickets or have a traffic accident.

If you are within the high-risk driver rating, you should not drive without this insurance. Not only will you need SR-22 insurance if you own a car, you may need it for other types of transportation.


Is SR-22 Insurance Only For Vehicle Owners?

SR-22 insurance is not only needed by people with their own car. You may need SR-22 insurance without a car if you drive a rental or borrowed car. In this case, it would be safe with SR-22 for the operator. Remember that SR-22 insurance is essential if you have committed serious traffic infractions or crimes. Also, if you have received convictions for these crimes.

You may not need SR-22 if you are a good driver and have not had any kind of violation or conviction. But if you are considered a high-risk driver, insurance you will need it as your proof of economic responsibility for insurance even if you do not have a car. In that case, you will require your insurance with SR-22 without a car to be able to circulate legally.


What is an SR-22?

The SR-22 is your best way to show the DMV that you plan to continue to comply with the conditions and regulations for the specified time.

SR-22 insurance is a very important document, as it is required by the United States government. It verifies that whoever owns it is responsible for the level of insurance required by the state.

SR-22 insurance is what you will need if you have received a driving violation such as DUI or DWI. You may also require SR-22 insurance if you have accumulated a minimum number of violations over a period of time.

It is an insurance that also includes other types of machinery apart from cars. Such as aircraft, boats, and other types of ground machinery.


There are 3 types of insurance with SR-22, which are:


It is insurance for drivers who do not use or do not have their own vehicles. In that case, it refers to people who drive rented or borrowed vehicles. Or that they belong to the company they work for.


It is for those who drive their own vehicle.

Operator / Owner

It is for those drivers who drive their own vehicle but sometimes rents a vehicle for trips or drive a borrowed vehicle.


Disadvantages that arise when not having insurance with SR-22

If you do not have SR-22 insurance, you will not have proof that you meet the auto insurance limits required to be in compliance with the law. You should be prepared to pay a little more to present this insurance. SR-22 insurance must be provided by your insurance company if they don’t, please contact Aseguranza de Auto. We work directly with companies that specialize in the high-risk arena.

Remember that your auto insurance must have the SR-22 to avoid mishaps with the law, especially in the state of California. To travel with your vehicle calmly on the road, the company that provides the SR-22 insurance service must be responsible for the expenses.

If you don’t have SR-22 insurance, you won’t be able to easily reinstate your driver’s license. Nor reduce the time that you are sentenced for having violated the DUI. It is necessary for any driver who already has high points on their record, whether he owns the vehicle or not.


SR-22 insurance does not have a single rate

You should take into account that the rate for this may vary depending on the insurance profile required by the driver or operator. But, you will have the satisfaction of driving freely, feeling safe. In the worst cases, such as being involved in an accident where there are serious injuries, your insurance company will take care of the expenses that are needed.

Simply put, SR-22 insurance is the best way to present your certificate of financial responsibility or proof of insurance. We invite you to contact us, and we will make sure that you obtain the insurance that best suits your needs as a driver.

You can count on Aseguranza de Auto and ask about our quotes so that in that way you can compare prices and get the best option. Remember that you could get car insurance with the SR-22 included totally free when you get your policy in Aseguranza de Auto. You should also remember that we offer SR-22 insurance for non-owners.

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