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Take Gasoline from US to Mexico

When making your trip to Mexico, from the United States, there are many aspects to consider. You should consider your travel insurance. Your documentation must be up to date. If you go in your own or rented vehicle, you must have ample insurance. You must make sure you comply with the necessary permits and procedures in both countries. But one of the most frequent questions among travelers is whether you can transport gasoline from the US to Mexico.

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Why is it feasible to bring diesel or gasoline to Mexico?

The cost of diesel and gasoline in Mexico is much higher than in the United States. Despite the variation in prices between service stations in the United States, its cost is better than in the neighboring country. On average, diesel and gasoline cost twice as much in the neighboring country. For this reason, many travelers consider transporting their own gasoline for their trip. They even consider it to establish business in Mexico. It is an option for those who want to enter the fuel business. And it is a viable option if the requirements for importing fuel from that country are taken into account.

What risks does the transport of these fuels involve?

Transporting fuel involves great risk. These are flammable materials that must be treated with caution. The necessary safety measures must be in place to avoid accidents. In addition, all legal guidelines of both countries must be complied with. Each country has its own regulations, and of course, each of these regulations must be complied with. Compliance to the letter of regulations will save you a lot of time and hassle. It is important to have the right advice.

In Mexico, individuals are allowed to import diesel and gasoline. However, they must complete a series of steps before obtaining the required authorization for this activity. Aseguranza de Auto has professionals, capable of advising you on everything required to make your trip a success.

What procedures does the Mexican Government require for this type of transfer?

As established by the Hydrocarbons Law of the neighboring country, both companies and individuals must apply for a permit. The request for said permission is made online, through its page. Once the information has been verified, said entity proceeds to evaluate the applicant’s situation before providing a response. Once the decision is made, the applicant is informed via the internet about the approval or rejection of said application. Said authorization must be carried by those who wish to transport gasoline from the USA to Mexico.

Does Aseguranza de Auto offer advice to transport Gasoil or gasoline from the US to Mexico?

At Aseguranza de Auto we have a highly trained team of legal advisors. With more than 20 years of experience, in laws and insurance in the US and Mexico. They are trained to offer all the necessary advice so that your trip to Mexico concludes without problems. There are many customers who ask themselves daily if they can transport Gasoil or gasoline from the US to Mexico. With the intention of guaranteeing the comfort of our clients, we offer the necessary advice on this frequently asked question.

Any other recommendations?

At Aseguranza de Auto we care about your overall experience on your trip to Mexico. It is important that you not only consider the legal basis of the transport, but your safety and that of your vehicle when moving a high-risk product. We recommend having legal advice both for the transfer of fuel, and for the rest of the elements of the trip. One of the important elements is the minimum insurance established in various US states and even in Mexico. You must make sure you meet the minimum requirements of any area you wish to visit. It is also important that you purchase travel insurance, with which you can cover little inconveniences along the way.

Is basic insurance enough to move Gasoil or gasoline from the US to Mexico?

A very important recommendation for this activity specifically is to secure your cargo. We remember that we are talking about risk materials, any prevention is little. Moving flammable materials greatly increases the risk of fire, especially if it is not transported carefully. We recommend acquiring comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. In addition, according to the amount of diesel or gasoline to be transported, you can insure the load. Taking precautions never hurts, and less when we are taking great risks. Remember that it is about your health and safety.

To avoid bad times and save time and money when transporting diesel or gasoline from the US to Mexico, evaluate your situation from all possible angles. The legal part is essential to avoid great inconvenience, and even risk of jail time, or seizure of said fuel.Take the time to seek advice, comply with the required procedures and documents. But also consider the importance of travel insurance and comprehensive insurance. Life can change in just minutes, it is in your hands to reduce those risks and have a trained team in advance to get you out of trouble in case you fall into one. But our goal in Aseguranza de Auto is, above all, to keep you out of these inconveniences.

Travel safe, confident and under the legal terms of Mexico and the US. And if you have any issues, let others take care of it for you. Let the experts take care of what escapes your hands and wastes you time and money. If you move Gasoil or Gasoline to save money, avoid that this becomes a major expense or a headache. Your peace of mind is our priority in Aseguranza de Auto.

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