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The car Insurance is very important. This time of year, many of us have vacations and we may go to Mexico. Before going into detail about permits to go to Mexico and insurances, we give you ideas of destinations which you can visit during this vacation.

Many of us know the most popular tourist places in Mexico:

  • We have eaten a zarandeado fish in Acapulco
  • We have seen the arch in Los Cabos and we have enjoyed a good Tequila
  • A Mariachi in Guadalajara
  • Observed architecture and museums in CDMX

All this is undoubtedly very beautiful but you have ever wondered what else is there? We have for you a list of places in Mexico little known but that are worth it.

Destinations that will leave you speechless with its majesty

The Sierra Gorda

If you are looking for adventure and you like to walk and explore, you must definitely know this place declared World Heritage of Humanity.

The Sierra Gorda de Querétaro, as its name says, is located in the beautiful state of Querétaro, it is a state full of color and culture, it is the most biodiverse state in all of Mexico. It is a perfect destination if you want to see different ecosystems, there are semi-deserts, forests and even humid areas. You will know a few destinations within it.

What should you see in La Sierra Gorda?

El Sótano del Barro

It is literally a hole in the municipality of Arroyo Seco, it is like a reverse cone.

It is called ” abyss ”, this is the second largest in the world. If you like nature and sports, this is the perfect place, they say it’s hard to get there but it’s completely worth it. Visitors have been completely amazed by its majesty and the landscapes around which you can enjoy on the way up. This chasm is the home of thousands of parrots and green macaws, as it is perfect for nesting because it is difficult for predators to get there. You can enjoy the show they offer, you will see them flying everywhere.

It is in a protected natural area. Since they inhabit about 130 different species of mammals, including jaguars and other endangered species.

It is recommended to go with a guide because it is a completely natural area and it is easy to get lost.

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Puente de Dios

Located in the municipality of Pinal de Amoles and although it is also difficult to reach. But the road offers many other wonders:

canyons, rivers and you will see many species of plants and animals that you have probably never seen, on the way you will find the Escanela River which has turquoise tones in a completely crystalline water.

Then you can see the Angostura Canyon, after a half hour tour, you’ll see a beautiful canyon and you will finally be near the Bridge of God.

Where you can get to refresh yourself

The people who have visited this place say they feel at peace and at the same time completely amazed by such beauty, on one side of this there is a lush flora of intense green color and you can enter the caves with stalactites from which streams of water fall, A great reward after having walked so much that it is completely worth it.

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Las Pozas

In this magical town located in the state of San Luis Potosí, called Xilitla, there is a very eccentric and interesting place in the middle of the Potosí jungle. In the 40s the artists Edward James and Plutarco Gastélum built a surreal garden that has captured the attention of many people around the world called Las Pozas

They are a set of concrete structures surrounded by the virgin jungle, their intention was to make their own version of the Garden of Eden.

Mixing structures that resemble vegetation and include water bodies while taking Baroque and Gothic structures into account, it is described as a work of Fantasía.

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Real de Catorce

It is described as a place where time has not passed and technology has been simply ignored, a town that was a ghost and now a great tourist attraction.

Thanks to this in this place you can enjoy a magical and genuine experience.

This used to be a mining town and today is a Magic Town with cobblestone streets where Huichol people are present that will leave you completely amazed with their customs and crafts that is also found in the state of San Luis Potosí.

What’s in Real de Catorce?

Cerro del Quemado

The word that the natives use is Wirikuta, it is sacred to them, with typical flora and fauna of the desert, among them the peyote. Also from here you can appreciate a beautiful view and you can witness the most incredible sunrises and sunsets, they say that is where the sun rises.

Cerro del Apache

It is a hill that from below, one of the buildings looks like the head of an Apache, they also call it a ghost town because it has ruins that were a Hacienda de las Minas de Concepción, from here you can see the whole town.

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Tunnel Ogarrio

It is the main access to the town, built by a Spaniard from Ogarrio, Spain, it´s 1.4 miles, here a mining tram passed, in this same you will see other tunnels that were used for the extraction of minerals when mining was the main activity from town.

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Calle Lanzargota

Here you can enjoy life in Real de Catorce, it’s the main street of the town, where you will find a huge variety of crafts and delicious food.

Tolantongo caves.

In the state of Hidalgo, there is a perfect destination for those seeking rest.

It is described as a natural spa, one of the most famous in the state of Hidalgo.

In true heaven on earth, surrounded by nature, a grotto and hot springs.

It has swimming pools, waterfalls and slides, pools where you can swim and relax in these natural hot tubs that surround a mountain while enjoying a natural and unparalleled view.

Mexico Insurance

In this place you can stay camping, at night the stars look incredible thanks to its distance from the city, you can enjoy a splendid starry sky. nIn this place you can also find delicious food, including:

Fish, jerky and barbecue from Hidalgo, bbq, wrapped in maguey leaves and cooked over a fire. Not to be missed.


You already have ideas of destinations, now you can choose without forgetting that your security is very important to us.Insurance is essential for your safety

We remind you that you can hire Mexico Insurance with us, we have cheap car insurance.

As well as permits to go to Mexico, we have really low prices, and we have official permits so you can enjoy your vacation in Mexico, with an excellent car Insurance.

Mexico Insurance

Liability insurance to go to Mexico.

  • Combined limits of liability to third parties.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Assistance on the road and legal assistance.

Full Coverage Mexico Insurance.

  • Coverage by collision (with deductible of 2% of the value of the vehicle).
  • Coverage for other risks.
  • Combined limits of liability to third parties.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Assistance of roads and legal assistance.

The complete package, you want to visit these beautiful places and be protected with your Mexican Insurance from us and even with everything and with your official permission to go to Mexico.

That is why Insurance  is essential for your peace of mind

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