Medical Insurance | Family and Employee Health Insurance

Family and Employee Health Insurance

The well-being of your family must be paramount in the face of any type of claim, as well as that of your employees. The damages that must be covered in the event of some kind of accident must be taken into account. Either at the work level within your company or business. Those damages to be covered are medical expenses of the utmost importance. In this way, the overall integrity of a person is guaranteed. For this reason, special attention must be paid to obtaining a policy of insurance that also allows family and employee health insurance. This way you will know that you are safe against any eventuality that may arise. Also, to be covered, you will need to provide medical insurance .

At Auto Insurance we care about the well-being of your family and that of your employees, so that they have the security, support and medical insurance necessary to preserve your health.

Your Family Health Insurance is Essential

When you buy a auto insurance policy you must take into consideration that it has coverage for medical expenses. Yours and those who are involved in the incident.

In this case, having the correct auto insurance will allow your whole family to have the necessary protection and medical insurance . This is so that it is protected against any accident circumstance.

Coverage of Civil Liability for Physical Damage

If the insured driver causes physical damage to third parties, then this Civil Liability Coverage for Physical Damage will take effect. Both you and the members of your Family who are included in your auto insurance policy will receive this coverage. It includes the medical insurance necessary to preserve your integrity and that of yours. Even if they are driving someone else’s car and not their own, they can also receive this insurance.

It is extremely important that as a driver, you have sufficient coverage of Civil Liability Insurance. If you are involved in a serious accident, you could be sued for a substantial sum of money. That is, you should consider obtaining this type of insurance above the minimum limits required by the state. This to protect against lawsuits. That is why in Auto Insurance we offer you the possibility of obtaining Family Medical Insurance < / strong> above the minimum required limits. We offer you the opportunity to purchase a Auto Insurance Policy with coverage for medical expenses . It will guarantee the payment of your medical bills and those of your family.

Employee Medical Insurance

In your Business, Organization or Company you also need to preserve your safety against any type of accident or incident that may arise. In this way, ensuring Health and possible medical expenses that may be required to protect the personnel in charge of your company is of great importance.

There are many occasions that, due to any type of work accident, require basic attention. At the consultation and medication level, minor injuries. As well as hospital-type care, minor surgeries or even surgical ones. Everything to take care of the health insurance of its employees . And in more serious cases, it will be necessary to attend funeral expenses due to the death of any of its employees, involved in any work accident.

Could an Insurance Policy cover the Medical Insurance of my Employees in the event of an accident?

The answer is Yes, we offer you what most car insurance policies on the market do not cover.

Thanks to our ability to combine policies provided by medical insurance , you can guarantee your employees policies that cover medical expenses. It may be due to: accidents that occur to your employees for providing delivery services for food or other items in exchange for a fee, if your company provides such services. And also, accidents that occur while one of your employees is driving a car that does not belong to you. Like that car that is owned by the company for which he works.

And How does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) work?

This protection works in a similar way to coverage for medical expenses . This insurance allows you to pay your medical bills and those of your passengers as well. But it pays the same way, for other additional needs such as lost wages and other non-medical costs.

This portion of the insurance will be paid by the policy holder for medical expenses, here are included expenses that will be covered with medical insurance . Both treatment and hospitalization, fees generated by the damages suffered in the accident. In addition to services needed by people affected in an accident are included. As well as paying for funeral costs.

It is necessary to know that depending on your location, there will be automobile policies that include PIP Coverage, and if you do not want it, you must inform the company in writing.

Coverage for Uninsured Motorists

It is important to know what happens in the event of a collision with a motorist without medical insurance. Or escape from the crash site. This coverage will refund you to you, your family members or a driver authorized by you, such as one of your employees, the corresponding medical expenses . It is also used when the insurance of the party at fault in the accident does not fully cover the damages incurred. And it will even cover your medical insurance , in the event that you, your family members and employees, are the victims of a hit as a pedestrian.

That is why, if you need any type of advice, do not have any inconvenience in contacting us. We can guide you with the medical insurance policies that cover you, your family, your employees, as well as people who drive your car with your permission, as well as the people listed on your policy.

Remember that before you get one of the auto insurance policies, you can get with us the most complete protection at the lowest cost. With the best coverage that gives you more protection than that indicated as minimum.

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