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When we open the field in a new business, the most comfortable thing is to start from home. In our home we can have idle spaces that do not generate any type of benefit. Using these spaces to generate extra income is a great idea. You can run your own business from home, without neglecting the children and the family. Using an already accessible space can save you a lot of money to get started. However, it involves a risk to handle merchandise in your home. You must make sure to protect your business, your home, and your family. Buy business at home insurance.

A home business insurance offers you special advantages with its insurance combinations. If this is your case, you can combine business insurance with home insurance. In this way Aseguranza de Auto provides California families with policies that are best adapted to your specific needs. Don’t let fear limit you to starting your business from home. With your business at home insurance you will have the peace of mind you need. Focus on making your business ideas come true from your home.

What advantages does Aseguranza de Auto offer you?

Aseguranza de Auto is a company with extensive experience in insurance matters. For more than 20 years it has had a presence in the state of California. We have the widest variety of services and specialized policies , between traditional and combined. Our highly trained insurance brokers are at your disposal to locate the service that suits your needs. In case traditional policies do not cover your specific needs, a combination of services may be the solution. Such as home-based business insurance, a combination of Business Insurance with Home Insurance.

Why Home Business Insurance?

Whether you decide to produce a product from your home, or establish a space for marketing. More and more families are opening spaces in their homes to generate additional income. Families who do not want to leave their children in the care of third parties. Families who see in their empty spaces an opportunity to have their dream business. Having raw materials, supplies or merchandise in the home may involve additional risk. An incident in your home can represent losses of greater magnitude. On the other hand, it becomes more attractive for vandals to break into your home for valuables. Having the right insurance will give you more peace of mind to focus on your business. All this makes clear the need for home business insurance.

Why home business insurance and not just home insurance?

The coverages that Aseguranza de Auto offers for your home are limited to covering houses or spaces with a residence character. Specifically, business exercises are excluded. Therefore, if you establish a business out of your home, this policy will be insufficient. This will not cover damage to merchandise, supplies or raw materials and equipment. It can even be without effect for the home, by not specifying the commercial activity that is carried out in it. The best thing is that you get a specially adapted coverage, such as home business insurance.

What coverage can I get from my Home Business Insurance?

With home business insurance , you get the established coverage for your home. In addition, additional coverage reserved for businesses is obtained. These services are adaptable to your needs, type of business and budget. Home coverages include:

  • Fire damage (internal and external), explosions, and gas leaks.
  • Natural incidents such as hurricanes, earthquakes, storms.
  • Theft, vandalism and other malicious acts.
  • Failure of the electrical, heating or cooling system.
  • Unrest or civil commotion.
  • Collisions or falls of objects, such as trees or vehicles.

When combining with business insurance, you include coverages such as:

  • Commercial Liability Insurance, basic to operating a business in California.
  • Crime insurance, to cover higher amounts against theft of merchandise, raw materials or equipment.
  • Property insurance, to protect the construction where you work.
  • Care of the goods located within it.
  • Safeguarding your work teams.
  • Inventory backup, against theft and other damages.
  • Safeguard of your work teams.
  • Inventory backup, against theft and other damages.
  • Protection of signs and signs located outside the property.

Does Aseguranza de Auto offer additional services that may be useful for my home business?

Indeed, Aseguranza de Auto offers additional services that you can include in your business at home insurance. We have highly demanded commercial services in California, as many businesses have found advantages in using them. We have a risk detection service, through which you can minimize risks in your work area. This service is also useful for locating cheaper policies by ruling out unhelpful services for the specific business. We also offer a training system on risk prevention. Being at home, this service is very useful, since your family has access to your business and its risks. You can get medical coverage for work accidents and other services of interest.

Is it advisable to hire additional Auto Insurance services?

It is recommended that you contract the combination of policies necessary for your business to be fully protected. If you have a vehicle, which you use in the home-based business process, it is recommended that you include it. By obtaining a combination of insurance you can get more affordable prices than if you do it separately. Your vehicle will be protected and you can guarantee your safety throughout the production process. If you transport merchandise or supplies in your car, you can cover the fleet and cargo as part of your business at home insurance.

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