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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle accidents are not necessarily more common than car accidents but can get much worse and nobody would like to imagine one but it is important to protect yourself and your investment in the motorcycle, because we understand that it is a good hobby and although you think of them as a risk, they are also something that people like.

The state of California requires that motorcycle owners have insurance. We have very good and very reasonable prices with the best suppliers. Motorcycle insurance protects owners from expenses that can be economically devastating. California requires minimum physical damage coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident and property damage coverage of $5,000 (15/30/5). These limits apply to passengers of other private vehicles that are being driven on public roads.

Bike Insurance

You should keep in mind that motorcycle insurance is usually more expensive than auto insurance because insurers are covering a higher risk. The price of the policy varies depending on your age, gender, zip code, brand and type of motorcycle.

There is a wide variety of coverages to choose from, in addition you can increase the limits (which is highly recommended) or add the following coverages:

  • Impact coverage (collision) helps repair your motorcycle if it is damaged in the event of an accident.
  • Extra coverage (comprehensive) helps pay for repairs or replacements in the event that your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized or otherwise damaged other than impact, may include fire, flood, falling objects, wind or impact with animals.
  • Road assistance which may include crane and other basic emergency services.

Most of those who have a motorcycle are enthusiastic about it. If you made a significant investment in your motorcycle, a customized motorcycle policy can help you restore it and keep you going. Even if you use your motorcycle very little, coverages can still mean protection of your finances because you do not need to use the motorcycle a lot so that it can cause damage to the property of others.

Bike Insurance

The minimum legal coverage is rarely enough to cover the damages it can cause. The best motorcycle insurance policy can be customized to cover both the risks of the motorcycle and the risks involved in using a motorcycle. Finally, one is never too old or experienced to know how to become a better motorcycle driver and take a safety course is also an excellent way to save money on your premium policy.

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