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DMV Tips: Beware of fake titles and records.

Beware of false registrations and titles when buying a used vehicle with a title, it can cost you an incredible amount of money!

We have been in the Auto Title and Registration Business for many years, along with DMV Insurance and Services, and many buyers make these common mistakes when buying a used car with a title. If the price of the car seems to be too low, and it seems that it is too cheap, make sure you look at the purchase and title carefully! You could be a victim of these people who want to make money scamming you, so be sure you know everything before giving money to the seller!

false registrations and titles

We see that many people make the mistake of not checking, and then they end up losing a ton of money. Do not be the person who loses money because you did not put enough research into buying this vehicle.

Follow these tips to save your investment.

1) Inspect the title (Check for irregularities-It could be FAKE)

2) Check if there are quotes in arrears (late registration)

3) Verify that the Vehicle has no Link (Banks)

4) The signatures must be in ink

5) Check how many days you have to be able to transfer the car (10 Days)

6) Mark the Amount you write in the Price Section, you will be taxed in that

7) Check if there is only export stamp (Problems)


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