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Senior Car Insurance

If you were born in the fabulous 50’s, 60’s or before, you deserve to save money in your car insurance.

International Insurance knows that our customers over 50 have different needs and interests. Perhaps you have noticed that many insurance companies increase the prices of their insurance and even decide not to renew policies with clients that reach a certain age. International Insurance works with insurance providers who have programs that guarantee renewal, which many customers over 50 can apply to car Insurance for the elderly. You can start saving money with our discounts today!

What is a mature drivers course? Will this give me a discount for my insurance?

Improvement courses for seniors are available to drivers over 50. These courses are sponsored by organizations such as The American Association of Retired Persons, National Security Council, California State Automobile Association and the Southern California Auto Club.

The class lasts approximately eight hours. During class, the mature driver is instructed about the relationship between age and driving skills. Road rules are re-viewed along with safe driving practices.

We offer discounts for your car insurance to clients who have completed this course

Unfortunately, some senior drivers may be disqualified from standard insurance policies simply because of their age. If you can not get it covered by standard policies, we have many very good options in our Auto Insurance for the Elderly that we can offer you.

Of all the non-standard companies, the companies we work with have a very low level of complaints from customers, making them a good option if you need this type of coverage. If you are a senior driver, we recommend that you keep your current license, the State of California requires you to renew it every four or five years.

Safe Driving Discount

Many of our providers offer discounts based on how and when you use your car. For this, they put a diagnostic device in their car that transmits wireless information about how you drive (including your speed and braking force), when you drive and how much. Drivers are rewarded for driving safely, for having low mileage and for not driving too late at night. In addition, many of our suppliers offer discounts to those who have not had accidents or fines for more than 3 years.

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