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Registration Suspended


Here we tell you how the suspended registration happens and how our services will help you.

What is the Registration Suspension?

When your registration is suspended, basically the state takes away the right to have that car on the streets until your registration is reactivated and is valid again. Here what will happen is that they will send you a Notice of Intent to Suspension. It is necessary to take charge of it immediately.

What happens when your registration is suspended?

What will happen is that in a certain way your registration will be on hold. It will be taken as if your registration was expired. You may be cited before the law and they may even tow your car. You will be charged a $14 penalty to reactivate your registration. You will have to give proof of your auto insurance. When your registration is suspended, nobody can drive that car and you can not sell it either.

Even committing certain offenses will cause your record to be revoked or canceled. The most common, as we mentioned, is driving without auto insurance. We can help you do all these procedures.

To reactivate your registration you will have to call a direct number and it will take up to two weeks to reactivate your registration. We will deliver it to you that same day if you request it before 5:00 p.m. PST only sends proof of your insurance and if you do not have one yet, we can offer you different very economical insurance options. We will always look for what best suits your pocket and everything you need to cover in your auto insurance.

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Posted ByAlex TorresOnAugust 6,2019

Alex Torres

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