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Secure your Boat for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day on which we remember all those people who died serving the armed forces of our country. If you are going to celebrate in a boat, a Watercraft Insurance is what you need.

Many people make grilled meat that day or they are going to sail in their boat in the lakes of California, we have many lakes in California like Perris Lake, Elsinore Lake, Black Butte Lake, Bass Lake, Eastman Lake, Don Pedro Lake, Englebright Lake, Folsom Lake, Hensley Lake, Lake Berryessa, Indian Pools, Huntington Lake, Natoma Lake, Tulare Lake, Santa Margarita Lake, Pine Flat Lake, Lake Birth, Millerton Lake and others.

Boat insurance

If you have a boat or are considering buying one, you should know that the DBW (Division of Boating and Waterways, the boat division of the DMV) asks boat owners to always be prepared for designated statewide inspections. to make sure that the water bodies in California are free of mussel.

By cleaning and drying properly, it can help protect boats and help owners avoid quarantines or be refused to navigate. In addition to making sure to clean, drain and dry the boats, the Boat and Hydro Carrier Division urges mariners to plan possible restrictions and launch inspections by calling water bodies before leaving home.

Watercraft Insurance

Programs and requirements vary and can change rapidly. Boats registered in California that use clean water bodies require a sticker that says “Mussel Fee Paid” on the shell of the boat along with the sticker of the current registration. Paying this fee (Mussel Fee) does not entitle vessels to bypass inspections and fees for inspections carried out by the owners or individual reservoir administrators.

It is correct, we also have this service. Now you know, Insurance is your best option to pay your “Mussel Fee” and we help you get your papers in order. We also register boats, anything related to the legal operation of your boat may be covered by us.

Boat insurance

We also have insurance for your boat. Sailing is a relaxing pastime but it is also very important to secure them. None of us would like to even think about a boat accident but the thing is that they happen and although it is not mandatory to insure the boats, it is very important that you protect your investment. We have many insurance options for your boat with the highest quality, keeping our promise to find the best price with customizable covers.

Watercraft Insurance

Normally, the policies charge in the policy 1 to 2% of the price that your boat has in the market, but the costs really depend on several factors just like any other type of insurance, such as its age, hurricane probabilities or tsunamis that has the area where the boat is located, how big it is, speed, value of the boat, conditions, type of boat (fishing, yacht, commercial, cruise, utility, etc.)

You can rest easy knowing that your boat is properly covered. If you still have questions about boat insurance, contact us.


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