No tener Aseguranza en 2019

Insurance in 2019

Not having insurance in 2019 can be a very bad choice. Imagine you’re having a perfect day, and suddenly someone driving under the influence of alcohol crashes into your car. The damage is huge, your car is wrecked, you have multiple injuries and now you have to pay because neither of you has insurance. Imagine all the stress and expenses you can avoid just by getting insured. Every state has different penalties for not having insurance. Some are more tolerant than others, but none accept driving without financial responsibility. That’s why it’s always best to purchase coverage from an insurance company, and why not choose the best. Here in Insurance, we are always interested in having the best deals for you.


Not having car insurance and not being able to prove you have it are two separate things and the penalties vary depending on your state. Penalties are less when you can’t provide proof of insurance while you are insured as long as you can prove your coverage within a specified timeframe. Getting into an accident can be an unfortunate situation, especially if you don’t have auto insurance. You can end up owing thousands of dollars, even exceeding 1 million if the injuries are serious. Also, uninsured drivers who injure or kill other drivers can face significant fines, SR-22 requirements, and prison sentences.


In 2019 penalties for not having health insurance will be eliminated, however, those that received a penalty in 2018 will still have to pay the penalty on your 2019 tax forms. The 2018 tax penalty for not having health insurance is $695 for adults and $347.50 for children or 2% of your yearly income. This penalty was designed to protect people from skipping out on health insurance and not being able to pay off their medical expenses in the event of injury or illness.


Having your home damaged by a fire, natural disasters or vandalism is never fun. Not having home insurance leaves your property exposed to all kinds of risks. Home owners are legally required to have home insurance. In 2017 1,319,500 fires were registered all over the U.S. this was $23 billion in losses. Accidents happen that’s why you should always be prepared. Avoid unnecessary costs with the best Insurance.


From small businesses to bigger ones, it´s always important to have business insurance. Every industry has its own risks, that’s why you must always be prepared to face any situation that might come up. Don’t lose your life’s work, insure your properties now with us, the best option for you.


Many people travel from the US. To Mexico more than once a year. It’s one of the best destinations for traveling for vacations. It’s a must to have insurance in Mexico. You can’t be unsecured in another country, it’s way too dangerous. Come to one of our offices and we’ll be glad to help you get the best insurance for your travels.

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Posted ByAlex TorresOnAugust 13,2019

Alex Torres

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