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Full Coverage Insurance


What is Insurance Full Coverage?

Many of us are interested in having our car well protected and it is then that we choose to have a Full Coverage insurance. Some while financing a car, the finance company will ask us to cover the car with Full Coverage insurance. It is very important that we know what it covers. If you are here on this page, it must be because you have doubts about your Full Coverage insurance. Also because you are simply looking for auto insurance and want to know what coverage you need. Anyway, here we have all the information you need about a Full Coverage insurance.

What is a Full Coverage insurance?

Coverage due to collision (collision) and coverage for other damages. These coverages always go hand in hand with a car insurance. But do you know what it covers and what are the differences? Keep reading so you know.

Why are collision coverage and coverage for other damages different?

Collision coverage (or “collision”) that has a Full Coverage auto insurance covers your vehicle against physical damage in case of:

  • Hitting another car.
  • Crashing against an object such as a lamp post, street signs, etc.
  • Your vehicle turning over.


Coverage for other damages that has a Full Coverage insurance. Sometimes they say ”damage for a reason other than collision”. This is because this insurance protects your car from any other damage:

  • Loss or damage of crystals.
  • Fire.
  • Damage due to strong winds.
  • Vandalism.
  • Objects that fall on him or missiles.
  • Damage caused by Protestants.
  • Partial or total theft.
  • Damage from collision with birds or other animals.
  • Damage from rain, hail and flood.
  • Explosion or earthquake.

What are the aspects in which collision and comprehensive are similar?

These coverages go hand in hand because:

  • Both include a deductible, which is the amount you must pay in case of an incident.
  • Car dealers will ask you to have both as it is important to protect the value of the collateral on your loan.
  • The price of your policy is based in part on the make, model and year of your vehicle. Full Coverage insurance policies cover the cost of repairing or completely replacing your vehicle.
  • Neither is required by law but more than 70% of drivers in the country have both.
  • Both protect your car against physical damage to your vehicle.

What does a Full Coverage car insurance not cover?

If someone were to open your car and steal something inside your car that is not permanently attached to your vehicle such as a computer, cell phone or wallet, it will not be covered by your Full Coverage car insurance (but that’s what home insurance is for or insurance for tenants, we have excellent prices, click here for more information). But if this happens and they break a glass, they scratch the car, they damage the key plate or they break it, that will be covered.

It gets a bit confusing and you have to be specific when it comes to sound equipment. If you have invested in the sound equipment of your car, you can insure all the additional equipment and there it will be covered because the insurer was notified from the beginning about this equipment. But you should initially mention that you have this equipment to take into account but if you have Home insurance or Tenant insurance, it will most likely be covered.

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Alex Torres

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