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How to Get Insurance Without a License

Is it possible to have car insurance without a license?

Sure, Aseguranza de Auto can give you car insurance without a license. Surely you have many questions. That is why we have written this page.

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We will detail how to get car insurance without a license.

Auto Insurance Without a License

To open an insurance policy it is necessary, with most companies, to provide a driver’s license number. There are companies that we work with that allow opening them with other types of identification.

Which identifications can I provide?

It is possible to open an  insurance policy  with these identifications:

  • Matrícula Consular.
  • Foreign or out-of-state ID.
  • Foreign or out-of-state driver’s license.
  • Foreign Passport.
  • State ID.

The important thing here is that in this identification there is a name that matches the names of the listed or excluded drivers of the policy and a photograph. It is important to mention that this may vary depending on the state you are in. Contact us to consult variants.

How auto insurance without a license helps you

In most states, leaving Virginia and New Hampshire aside, it is illegal to drive without car insurance. Of course, driving without a license is not well seen either. Having an auto insurance policy can save you from the offense of driving without insurance and that suspend your registration. There have been cases in which the simple fact of having car insurance causes the authorities not to take very strict measures because this simple act of getting insurance is a sign of responsibility, in the end, that is what car insurance is.

Coverages you can get for your car insurance without a license

For auto insurance you have all the coverages at your disposal:

Liability Insurance ( what the law requires ) – Protection of third parties and property of others.

Civil Liability Insurance with Protection of Uninsured Drivers ( medium coverage ) – Protection of third parties, property of others, medical expenses for you and your passengers. In some cases, damage to your property is also covered in the event that you are hit by someone without insurance or who cannot cover your expenses with their insurance.

Full Coverage – Coverage for damage to your vehicle through a deductible..


You also have access to coverage such as medical expenses, roadside assistance, rental car, tow truck, among others.


If you drive a motorcycle and do not have a license, it is also possible that you have civil liability insurance, you can only have third party protection.

All insurance companies have different policies, different acceptance ranges, and variations. At Aseguranza de Auto we avoid having to make many quotes with different companies. We can instantly compare with more than 30 companies so that we can choose the option that best suits you, at that moment we will know if that company can insure you with the type of identification it has and if they can give you the coverage you require.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We can answer your questions, and we can help you choose the ideal policy for you.

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