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Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Although we understand that insurance can be expensive at times, it is mandatory in most states. Here are some tips for buying cheaper car insurance. These will lower your insurance rates. You probably already know that insurance rates are based on different factors. There is a way to use those factors to your advantage.

Having auto insurance is one of the most important parts of being a responsible car owner.

Safe cars.

How prone the car is to have an accident is one of the things that determines the price of your insurance.
Some people like sports cars, but they should be aware that sports car insurance is not cheap. Make sure you can afford your car insurance fees. You can get estimates from us so you have an idea of ​​how much you are going to be spending on insurance. Generally, the cheapest cars to insure are midsize sedans.

Marriage discounts.

If you are married, adding your spouse to the policy as long as you both have a clean driving record will lower your insurance rate because most companies offer marriage discounts. Even if your spouse doesn’t drive, you can add them as an excluded driver just so the insurance company will honor the marriage discount.

Keep a clean record, it will guarantee cheaper insurance.

You probably already know that a not-so-clean record will increase your policy rates. Fines and accidents put you in the insurance company’s high-risk driver category. So if you have a clean record, do your best to keep it that way, if you want your insurance rates to stay low

Going high on deductibles will help you get cheaper insurance.

If your car is financed, the company requires that you get full coverage for your car with a deductible of at least $500. The higher your deductibles, the lower your insurance rate. Try to get at least $1000.

Driving courses.

This is primarily for teenage drivers and over 50 because there are courses they can take to show that they are responsible drivers and capable of driving safely. Taking these courses will also lower your insurance rates and get discounts.

The policyholder.

This is something that not everyone knows, but when the named insured is over 25 years old, or married, or both, these are the perfect candidates for insurance companies. Also, if the policyholder is female, it’s cheaper, so if your spouse is female, consider making her the policyholder and it will lower your insurance rate.

Combine coverage for cheaper insurance.

If you own a home and have home or boat insurance, etc. You can ask your insurance company if they also insure your car. This way you will have all your largest investments insured with the same company and this way it is generally cheaper than having separate policies for each item. If your current company doesn’t do that, well, we do.

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