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Consequences of Driving Uninsured

Did you know that you can get a ticket for driving a car without insurance? In most states, it is mandatory to be insured. If you don’t have one yet, in Aseguranza de Auto Insurance we have premiums that adapt to your pocket. Don’t wait for the consequences of driving without insurance to come.

Now, the consequences of driving without insurance can be serious, avoid experiencing uncomfortable moments. What would happen when you have an accident and are not insured? An uninsured collision can cost you dearly. You have to be clear that when you are behind the wheel, many things can happen. Better to live calmly than to be with anxiety when driving and fleeing from being stopped by the police.

Is driving uninsured illegal?

Why is it illegal to be uninsured? If you have an accident and other people are injured and you are the person responsible, you will have to bear all the expenses. You could be required to pay up to $15,000 on average just for the physical injury liability claim. You would even have to pay about $3,000 on average for a property damage liability claim.

The consequences of driving without insurance can ruin you or the other party in a collision. This is why it is illegal to not have auto insurance. If you haven’t thought about it, fracture victims, car repairs, and a lawsuit in the millions would be your balance. So while it’s not about being pessimistic, having a collision without insurance will cause a lot of problems.

There are a couple of states where there is no problem driving without insurance. In New Hampshire and Virginia. However, in Virginia, you would have to pay $500 to get the benefit of driving an uninsured vehicle. Still, keep in mind that if you find yourself in a crash without insurance, you will have to pay for all damages.

What is the real magnitude of driving without insurance?

There are several problems, not just liability claims. The fines, tickets, and penalties that you can receive are some sanctions. Let’s look in more detail at how it can affect you if you drive without insurance. This will vary depending on the city where you are.

From a fine to being in prison or having your vehicle impounded. Having points put on your license or having to pay court or restitution fees. But imagine having your license, registration, and even your plate suspended. All this will depend on the magnitude of the damage and its cause.

Also, you may be required to have SR-22 insurance, since you are a high-risk driver. This insurance is known as a certificate of financial responsibility. If you find yourself in an accident caused by someone else, this insurance will help. If you have SR-22 insurance and you are not responsible for the crash, you will not be able to count on full payment of the damages from the responsible party. This is evident in those states that have the “no pay, no play” law. As in Michigan, if you didn’t cause an accident and you don’t have insurance, you would have to pay for injuries and repairs for others.

How do the penalties for driving without insurance vary depending on the state you are in?

We have already seen the consequences of driving without insurance. Some averages that we handle by state can change from one moment to another. The value of a fine will depend on the state in which you are. It is recommended that you find a lawyer and get cheap insurance if you are detained for not being insured.


In the first instance, a fine can cost you $250 for driving without insurance in Arizona. This will involve suspension of the driver’s license for up to three months. If you don’t make sure and you are retained again within three years, the fine will cost you $500. At this point, your license will be suspended for up to six months.

If you become uninsured when driving a vehicle within this period of time for the third time, the fine will be $750. In this case, the license suspension will be for one year and for the registration period. You will also be asked to have SR-22 insurance, which you can quote with us. In auto insurance, we will guide you with everything.

Alaska fines those without auto insurance

Depending on the number of violations, you will have to pay a fine of $500 for driving without insurance. The license will be suspended for ninety days, reaching up to three years. If the vehicle is impounded, you will also have to pay to get it back.


When driving without insurance in Alabama, the fine will be $500, with suspension of license and registration. In this case, it will be $200 more to get the registration again. If you have a second offense, it will be a $1000 fine, obtaining a suspension for four months. You will have to pay $400 to retrieve the record.


One of the states that doesn’t think twice to fine you if you drive without insurance. You will have to show that you have purchased auto insurance to obtain a license. Also, have paid at least $500 if you are caught uninsured with four points on your license.

$1000 will be the fine on a 2nd time with license suspension of 4 months and up to 8 months for the 3rd time. You may have to cover forty hours of community service to get to this point.

In California, it is not good to drive without insurance

First, being uninsured can cause you to suspend your registration and have to pay a fine of $14 but in the worst case, in this state, you could be in jail for 30 days if they get it with fake insurance. The fine could be between $100 and up to $750 depending on how many times you have a violation. The vehicle will be impounded and the license will be suspended for up to one year.

Driving without insurance is not an option. Get on our website a car insurance for California at the best price.


The consequences of driving without insurance here are less severe. Fines between $50 and $1000 if they get it a 3rd time without insurance. At this level, you could be in jail for up to a year. Also, your license plate could be withheld.


Here the penalties are not that high. The fines range from $200 to $1000, although you could end up in jail for up to a year.

Florida has severe penalties

For driving without insurance in this state, the fine will be the suspension of the registration and the license plate. This could be for 3 years, or until you show that you have auto insurance. Also, you will have to pay between $ 150-500 to get it back.

If you drive someone else’s vehicle, do you need insurance?

If the owner and driver of the vehicle do not have insurance, both can be penalized. The most advisable thing is that both are insured. There is the case that the owner of the car has an insurance policy that covers certain damages and injuries. It is important that you have a driving license for said vehicle. In this case, the owner’s policies should bear the cost of certain property damage and physical injuries.

Aseguranza de Auto Insurance has a solution

We know it can be overwhelming to see all the consequences that driving without auto insurance can bring, even worse, getting into an accident without insurance. Whether you are looking only for what the law requires in your state or you are looking for greater coverage, we can help you with cheap insurance in the states of California, Washington, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Arizona, Virginia, Connecticut, and New York. Quote with us today a cheap insurance.

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