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Classic Auto Insurance

For any collector or hobbyist, their classic vehicle is a treasure. The care and uses of a classic vehicle are very different from normal ones. They are usually kept in a collection, or display. They move only on special occasions, such as parades or specialized events. In some cases, they are also used for circulation, but it is not the most common. However, not using a vehicle for daily transportation does not mean that you do not require auto insurance. In fact, specialized classic auto insurance is recommended.

Why should I get my Classic Car Insurance?

A classic car, far from losing value over time, appreciates. You must protect that treasure that has cost you so much to obtain and keep in optimal conditions. With your Classic Auto Insurance, you can alleviate some concerns, such as theft and maintenance. In order to properly enjoy your belongings, you must get rid of the worries that they bring with them. Leave in the hands of Aseguranza de Auto Insurance, the safety of your classic vehicle.

Insurance against the risk of theft

Classic vehicles have a high economic value that revalues ​​over time. The state of conservation, the number of original parts, and the year of the vehicle are key to define its value. As a vehicle that acquires value over time, it is more attractive to thieves. Some security systems that you can implement in the place where you keep it, are useful, but may not be enough. By purchasing your Classic Auto Insurance, you can protect the estimated value of your vehicle. This value will be determined by an appraiser according to the characteristics described above.

Does Classic Auto Insurance cover maintenance costs?

With your Classic Car Insurance, you can partially or totally cover the cost of maintaining your vehicle. It should be noted that the maintenance of these cars is proportional to their value. Skilled labor and a shortage of original parts add to its value. In order to keep your vehicle in perfect condition, it is important to carry out constant maintenance. For this reason, Auto Insurance is your best option.

In the event of accidents and incidents, what does my policy cover?

Regardless of whether your classic vehicle is in circulation or is only for exhibition, it is not without risk. The facilities that preserve it may suffer damage that affects your vehicle. There are natural hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes, which can directly affect your classic car. Other risks that expose your vehicle are, for example, humidity in the environment, fire, and electrical damage. There are many risks that your classic vehicle can run. Due to its high value, it is considered a good to be carefully cared for. Any precautions you take to protect it for your safekeeping will contribute to your peace of mind. The Classic Car Insurance covers damage to your classic vehicle for any incident that may affect it.

If I use my vehicle for circulation, does this type of insurance help me?

If you use your vehicle for ordinary circulation, your insurance must have normal coverage for cars. That is, you must have at least one with civil liability insurance. Besides, as always, we recommend extensive coverage, through which you can cover medical or towing expenses if required. It should be noted that your classic vehicle has great economic value, which when put into circulation is more susceptible to deterioration.

In the case of claims, can I count on my Classic Auto Insurance?

Although you use your classic vehicle to circulate or have it reserved for exhibition, the risks exist. On a larger or smaller scale, the possibilities of claims are everywhere. If your vehicle is sheltered and the space it is in collapses, it can affect your classic vehicle. If you drive on the street, no matter how careful you are when driving your classic, a third party can cause damage. But the Classic Car Insurance can include comprehensive coverage. In this, the damages generated by you or by third parties are considered, even if it occurs due to recklessness on your part. These coverages are highly recommended, especially when considering the value of your vehicle. In the event that someone suffers damage in an accident involving your vehicle, medical expenses are also covered.

Why is Classic Car Insurance my best option?

As always, Aseguranza de Auto Insurance has the ideal policy, specially adapted to the exclusivity of your classic vehicle. We know that it is a jewel, a treasure for you, a heritage, do not give it less value than it deserves. Contact our brokers, who will know just the right measure, how to protect your vehicle as you need, and deserve it. Remember that there are many variables to establish the policy, therefore you must have specialized advice. We have this advice at your disposal at Auto Insurance. Without wasting time, they will find the right policy for you. On the other hand, count on us for your procedures before the Vehicle Mobility Department. Your Classic Car Insurance offers you everything you need in one place.

Check with our brokers, the rates and coverage that best suit your needs. Cancel just enough for coverage that will allow you to sleep worry-free. Enjoy your classic vehicle in all its splendor. Wear your historical property with pride and tranquility. Every classic car collector has a personal automotive museum. Each classic piece that circulates through the streets, serves, in addition to a vehicle, as a delight for the rest of the population. Having a classic vehicle is not only having a jewel of great economic and historical value, but it is also contributing to the maintenance of automotive history. Find the right support for you, and forget about worries.

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