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Buying a used car can be risky. You may have an idea of ​​how the car will work, but you will never know for sure. You will have to trust your instinct. But there is another risk when you buy a used car: you could be fooled and buy a car with a fake title! This has happened to many people.


The title or “pink slip” is the title of ownership of the car that is determined by the registered owner named. Used vehicles could have a long history of previous owners and the title has the history of them. The title can show you the number of previous car owners.

The second-hand car market can be misleading.

There are people who are car dealers who use fake titles to fool potential buyers about the history of the car, they will cheat the buyer and could get more money from the car sale than it really is worth. If you are buying a car, you should be very careful with the car documents, you could be scammed and the documents may not be authentic. We will tell you what you need to know so you can know when the title is real or not.


What about stolen cars? – Blog – Fake Title

There are three things car thieves can do to get money from a stolen car:

  • They could find a way to sell it outside the country.
  • They can dismantle it and sell the pieces.
  • They may get a fake title and sell it.


In fact, obtaining a fake title is difficult because you need to impersonate another car and if you buy a car with a fake receipt, you may never know the truth. It is known that they use first level technologies to clone the VIN number to put it in the stolen car, it is almost impossible for buyers to identify it as a fake title.


VIN number

You may already know what a VIN number is, yet it is a unique 17-digit alphanumeric code that contains all the important information of the car, such as the type of engine and the place of manufacture, among other details. It means “Vehicle Identification Number” and must be in the title and registration.


You may not have difficulties until you try to sell the vehicle. It is possible for the buyer to verify the vehicle’s history and discover many accidents in which it is possible that they have never been involved in or know.


To protect yourself against the purchase of a car with a fake title you can go to a certified seller, make sure the seller is reliable.


Go to the seller, check the car, if you are buying it from an individual seller, make sure that the address in the registry is where you live, do not accept to check the car elsewhere, check the VIN and make sure that the VIN of the car matches With the title and / or registration, try not to pay in cash except through a bank transfer or check and get a vehicle report (which you can get with us;) (for only $10).

By knowing how these scams work, you can avoid buying a car with a false identity.


If you have questions about the title of the car you could buy, we can help you, leave it to the professionals, we can verify the history of the car. Our help will prevent you from making a mistake when buying a car with a fake title.

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